IRS phone scammers double up their efforts for the holidays

DECEMBER 2, 2014 | BY

It might not be tax season yet but Internal Revenue Service impersonators are hard at work scamming people during this holiday season.

They are leaving threatening voice messages to victims they’ve cataloged in a giant database.

The purpose of this scam is to collect money from tax payers by using a well rehearsed script made of lies and threats.

Similar to the tech support scams, the crooks are operating from boiler rooms and making thousands of calls a day.

We went undercover and decided to follow-up on a voice mail to find out what really happens. The following are excerpts from a conversation we had with a fake IRS agent.


Hello Mr xxxxx, this is Officer Andrew Hall from tax and crime investigations unit of IRS and the reason behind this call is to inform you that you are being listed as the primary suspect in a case being filed by IRS.

 “What did I do wrong?”

You owe the IRS money. I would like to inform you that the line on which we are talking right now is being recorded and monitored by the IRS and the local authorities of your state and by one patrolling officer.

The ‘affidavit’

Now listen carefully because we are running short of time: The IRS has discovered strong evidence that you have failed to declare your actual income which was higher than what it was mentioned and you have wrongly benefited from reductions which you were not eligible for. This was not the result of innocent negligence. We have reason to believe that it was a willful act done with the intent to defraud the IRS.

The allegations

Count 1: Violation of federal tax regulation.
Count 2: Violation of internal revenue Code.
Count 3: Theft by deception.
Count 4: Willful misrepresentation of information to a government organisation